Cohousing Development Services
Cohousing Development Services

Using professionals has been shown to save members money over doing it themselves. The development process is risky and complex. Working with experienced professionals reduces the risk and increases the likelihood that the project will be built on time and on budget.

“I think Ronaye is excellent. She is a detail person. She is also extremely practical, efficient, experienced, tactful and very personable too!! I personally think she is the best in Canada for 'getting it done'. Did you know that Roberts Creek was finished just about on time and ....wait for it .....under budget?!! She managed the whole project from beginning to end.”
                                                                            Roberts Creek Cohousing Resident

CDC has provided start-up and development management services for most of the completed cohousing communities in Canada and has managed projects that have taken as little as 2 ½ years from initial meeting to move-in.

CDC’s management services involve coordination of all aspects of the cohousing development process and include: tools and protocols for effective decision-making, facilitation and consensus training, outreach, member education, site selection and acquisition, feasibility/market studies, budget and cash flow projections, project schedules and timelines, professional selection, contract negotiation and administration, jurisdictional approvals, bookkeeping services, financial management, legal, financial and organizational agreements and structures, as well as facilitation of living in community agreements to support you to live harmoniously in the community you’ve created together.

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the graceful way you led us through all of our meetings this past weekend. Having led lots of meetings in another life I know how tiring it is and how important it is that one keep ones gracious way of dealing with conflicting points of view--even late in the afternoon when everyone, including yourself, is tired.”
                                                                            Wolf Willow Founding Member

The information below gives an overview of the services typically provided in a cohousing development management contract.
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Cohousing Development Management Services

Project Management

Provide all necessary services as the Project Manager including overall coordination of the development and construction process.

Liaison Service
Provide liaison and reporting between the Owner, public agencies, the commercial lender, and all contractors and professionals hired by the Owner.

Manage all project finances, GST/HST filing and record keeping. Create, monitor and update project schedules and budgets throughout the life of the project.

Corporat Administration
Manage all project legal and coordinate filing for all correspondence and company records.

Provide monthly financial statements, written progress reports with updated project schedules and updated Development Pro forma as required.

Outreach and Member Education
Work with the Owner to develop and manage an effective outreach program and system for educating new members.

Organizational Structure
Work with the Owner to set up an effective system for managing tasks, scheduling meetings, creating agendas, taking minutes, making decisions, communicating and documenting information.

Define Project

Work with the Owner to define the Project and identify path to completion.

Project Budget and Cash Flow
Prepare initial Project Budget and estimated Cash Flow.

Financial Structure for Development Company
Work with the Owner to define the financial structure for the Development Company. Determine minimum equity investment and return.

Professional Team
Provide recommendations to the Owner regarding selection of the professional team and negotiate professional contracts.

Corporate Structure for Development Company
Provide model documents and work with the legal professional to set up the Company that will act as the Owner's development entity for the Project.

Bookkeeping and General Filing
Set up a system for managing, recording, and paying invoices. Set-up and coordinate a filing system for all company records and correspondences.

Community Membership
Help the Owner define requirements for membership in the community.

Managing Tasks
Advise and assist in the formation of Committees and defining member roles.

Meeting Facilitation
Work with the Owner to develop effective meeting techniques. Assist with preparing meeting schedules that will support an effective development process. Work with the members to prepare the agendas for committee, business and special meetings as required.

Recording Decisions
Help set up a system for recording decisions. Work with the owner throughout the development phase to ensure accuracy.

Decision-Making Protocols
Work with the owner to develop effective decision-making protocols that support the development and community building process.

Help set up an effective community communication system and protocol.

Web Data Base and Archive
Set up a system for archiving documents and decisions, keeping members informed and facilitating the education of new members.

Marketing Strategy
Work with the Owner to develop a marketing strategy.

Promotional Material
Work with the Owner to prepare promotional material.

Work with the Owner to prepare and manage the outreach plan.

New Member Education
Work with the Owner to manage the membership process.

Project Managament

Provide ongoing project management to coordinate all activities and communication between the group, professional team and public agencies.

Manage the rezoning and subdivision process. Work with the planning consultant as required to obtain all necessary project approvals.

Public Meetings and Presentations
Work with the Owner to prepare for any information meetings and/or any presentations to the public or regulatory authorities that are required.

Cohousing Design
Provide information to the Owner and the design team about features that support the concepts of cohousing

Design Process

  • Coordinate all communication between design professionals and group
  • Work with the group to develop an initial program for common house and individual units.
  • Work with the design team to develop a series of workshops to facilitate the member’s input.
  • Help summarize and communicate feedback to design team.
  • Provide input on cost implication of design decisions. Provide recommendations about budget issues during all phases of the design.
  • Provide recommendations about unit mix, size, and layout as it relates to cost and marketability.
  • Coordinate communication with regulatory authorities to ensure design meets jurisdictional requirements.
  • Coordinate all feedback to finalize the design development phase.


construction Loan

Represent the Company to secure a construction loan.

Construction Contract
Negotiate the appropriate construction contract on behalf of the Owner.

Standards and Options
Facilitate the process for determining standard finishing and optional upgrades.

Pricing Structure
Provide recommendations to establish a fair and equitable pricing structure.

Manage Construction Loan

Manage the construction loan, progress draws, releases and general bookkeeping.

Monitor Construction Contracts
Attend site meetings as required during the construction process. Work with the design professionals to oversee construction contracts and ensure that work is being carried out in an appropriate and timely manner. Review and comment on billing requests and `change orders as required. Coordinate communication between General Contractor and the Owner.

Construction Communication
Keep the Owner informed and up to date on decisions that need to be made during each phase of the construction process.

ByLaws and Operating Budget
Work with the legal professional and Owner to prepare bylaws and operating budget for after move-in expenses.

Living in Community Agreements
Provide the Owner with information to prepare living in community agreements and policies for rental, pets, smoking, use of the common spaces, maintenance and management, participation, and any other agreements required to support residents to live harmoniously community.

Unit Selection

Prepare documentation and help facilitate unit selection.

Homeowner Financing
Set up a program with a financial institution or mortgage broker to facilitate ease of getting homeowner financing on closing.

Closing and Occupancy
Manage all communication between the building contractor, purchasers, lawyers, financial institutions and appraisers as required for timely and effective closing and occupancy.

Meeting Attendance

Attend meetings of the Owner's general membership, committee meetings for development, legal finance, design, and community building once per month to help coordinate the work and decision making of the members during the development and construction phase.