Getting Your Community Built

CDC has provided start-up and development management services for most of the completed cohousing communities in Canada. We know what it takes to support a group to ground their vision in reality and generate the membership and financial resources required to move forward and get the project built in a time and cost efficient manner.

This workshop helps “jump start” your project and provides you with concrete information to support your group to move forward and get your project built.

“Just a quick note to express how very much our group appreciated all that you brought to us in the workshop this weekend. Such a wealth of information presented in ways that helped us grasp each step as well as the big picture. It feels so much better now that everyone in the group shares the knowledge needed to proceed as well as responsibility for what happens next.”
                                                                                          - Workshop participant

Each workshop is custom designed based on the needs of the group. The following gives an overview of what is typically covered:

  • Overview of the essential elements in a cohousing development process:
    • what it takes, summary of the typical steps,
    • where the money comes from,
    • typical timeline,
    • roles and responsibilities of members and professionals,
  • Overview legal structures and how they relate to financial viability
  • Phases of membership, overview of the requirements, obligations and responsibilities
  • Working together, building community
    • organizational structure,
    • decision making
    • information systems
    • outreach, finding and educating members
  • Development finance
    • Overview development proforma,
    • establishing feasibility,
    • identifying potential costs,
    • financial phases and cash flow timeline
  • Analysis of group financial potential
  • Development strategies
  • Tour potential sites
  • Initial review opportunities and challenges for the different sites identified
  • Overview of the typical process and requirements for securing a site
  • Identify clear and concrete next steps

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