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Roberts Creek 1131 Emery Road, Roberts Creek, BC

Project Description

The land is south facing, gently sloped and Clack Creek runs along the eastern boundary. The site is approximately 20 acres.

The community layout plan includes a mix of housing styles with one-bedroom duplexes and two, three and four-bedroom single-family homes. There are 31 homes, a 2840 square foot common house and shared parking. There is a separate fully equipped woodworking shop as well as common gardens and other amenity areas.

The housing is clustered on 8 acres and the balance of the property has been left undeveloped. To provide for alternative road and servicing standards consistent with the sustainable objectives of the development, the legal structure is bare land strata, providing individual ownership of lots and common ownership for the remainder of the land and shared amenities.

As many of the mature coniferous trees as possible have been preserved. Several habitat protection covenants have been put in place. Many environmentally sustainable features have been included in the planning and development.



CDC provided cohousing development & community building services from January 2001 to completion in January, 2005.

For more information about Roberts Creek, please go to wwww.robertscreekcohousing.ca

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