Cohousing Development Consulting

Recreating the village... A Contemporary Approach

Little Mountain Cohousing - photo by Martin Knowles

Little Mountain residents and CDC team June 25 2022 - photo by Charles Montgomery

How It Works ?

After having lived in cohousing for more than twenty years as well as having visited many completed cohousing communities, I am aware of the impact this housing form has had not only on me but also on the people who have chosen this lifestyle. It is evident to me that this housing model contributes to a better world. I have experienced the richness of living in a connected community where people know and care about each other, I have learned how to work with differences without creating separation, and I have learned more about sharing and working co-creatively together - skills we not only benefit from as individuals, but skills we humans need if we are to be good stewards of this beautiful planet.

What is Cohousing?

A smaller carbon footprint – an enhanced quality of life.

Cohousing Neighbourhoods... some people call them a return to the best of small-town communities. Others say they are like a traditional village or the close-knit neighbourhood where they grew up, while futurists call them an altogether new response to social, economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century. Each holds a piece of the truth.

Harbourside Getting Community Built Workshop 2012
Getting Started

Using professionals has been shown to save members money over doing it themselves. The development process is risky and complex. Working with experienced professionals reduces the risk and increases the likelihood that the project will be built on time and on budget. However there are things a group can do to get their project started.